"Dreyfus writes with the darkly absurd humour of a thirsty and somewhat paranoid Jonathan Swift."

-  PopMatters

Rupert Dreyfus is an unashamed anarchist who writes transgressive black comedies as a means of venting about the state of the world. The influential magazine of cultural criticism PopMatters said that he writes “with the darkly absurd humour of a thirsty and somewhat paranoid Jonathan Swift”. Closer to home, activist and one-time musician Edwin Stratton described his work as “blac bloc meets Black Mirror”.

Spark is his first novel which managed to reach the top ten spot on Amazon. The story serves as a snapshot of modern-day Britain, seen through the eyes of disaffected computer hacker Jake Miller. After creating a legion of online followers known as Generation Y-bother, Jake shows us how incredibly easy it is to spark a revolution. You just have to be angry enough.

Dreyfus is also the author of The Rebel's Sketchbook; a collection of thirteen short stories. Targets include maniac world leaders, talentless boybands, Westminster politicians, social media idiots and much more. The Morning Star named it one of their favourite books of 2015.

More recently, Dreyfus has released a number of short stories as well as his first novella Prezident Scumbag!; a swipe at the rise of Donald Trump as told by crust punk squatter Faz.

It was nominated for Readfree.ly's 50 Best Indie Books of 2017.

"Black bloc meets Black Mirror"

- Edwin Stratton, Activist and musician