Here you can find interviews, articles I've written, articles about me and other things I've been doing outside of writing stories.

Cover to Cover

Interview with Liis at Cover to Cover.

Interview with ISIS

Spotlight interview with Norway-based artist Isis.

Canary Article on Prezident Scumbag!

Interview and book review of my anti-Trump novella Prezident Scumbag!

Edgar Poe Interview

I held a seance so that Rocky at The Gnome Appreciation Society could interivew Edgar Alan Poe.

Losing the Plot Podcast

A podcast interview with Leo X. Robertson on his Losing the Plot podcast series.

The Canary


Interview and book review of Spark.

Pyongyang Selfie

A short story by me covering everyone's two favourite subjects: selfies and North Korea.

Article by Mike Robbins

An article by Mike Robbins which lists Spark as a top read of 2015.

Article by Guy Portman

An article by Guy Portman which lists The Rebel's Sketchbook as a good self-published book.

Morning Star's top fiction for 2015

Honoured that The Rebel's Sketchbook was listed as one of the Morning Star's books of 2015 in this article. 

Morning Star Article

I was contacted by journalist and author Ruth Hunt to give some thoughts and opinions on how small press and indie-publishing has allowed authors like myself to provide an alternative voice.

Indie Revolution

An interview with upcoming author and indie enthusiast Lorie Lopez. We talk about politics, indie authoring, creative insults and hangover cures.

The Opening Sentence

An interview about politics, philosophy and self-publishing with Chris over at The Opening Sentence. Chris is writing a saga of dark comedies about the rock band Toten Herzen.

Authors Interviews

My first interview with the lovely Fiona. We cover all sorts of subjects.